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Spring Cleaning Plan!

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, so I have carefully crafted an easy-to-follow 30 day plan and free download to help make it a little simpler. As long as you have a clear plan, you are taking your tasks one day at a time, and are setting realistic goal, your spring cleaning plan will be fun and productive!

Below I have laid out the plan as well as added in some great links for tackling those difficult areas. Have fun organizing!



Day 1: Clean bedding and make bed, Clean fan and light fixtures, Check light bulbs and restock if necessary, Check for cobwebs, Clean off and out nightstands, Clean mirrors and picture frames

Day 2: Clean off and out dresser(s) and closet(s)

Day 3: Tidy bookshelves and all other small spaces,  Clean floor and baseboards



Day 4: Clean medicine cabinets and under sink storage, Clean fan and light fixtures, Check for cobwebs

Day 5: Restock cleaning products and toilet tissue and light bulbs, Dust shelves and racks, Clean sinks

Day 6: Clean toilets and bathtubs, Clean floors, mirrors, and baseboards


Kids Room(s)/Guest Room(s)

Day 7: Pick everything up off the floor, Clean fan and light fixtures, Check light bulbs and restock if necessary, Clean bedding and make beds, Clean out closets

Day 8: Clean everything on walls, Go through any papers

Day 9: Go through toys/storage, Clean out and off dressers and nightstands, Clean floors and baseboards



Day 10: Go through all papers and toss or file

Day 11: Dust, Clean desk drawers, Clean floors and ceilings

Day 12: Organize office supplies and restock


Living Room

Day 13: Clean ceiling, Dust

Day 14: Clean blankets and pillows, Organize electronics

Day 15: Organize games, puzzles, books, and movies

Day 16: Clean floors and baseboards



Day 17: Clean countertops, Clean floors and ceilings

Day 18: Organize and clean fridge and freezer

Day 19: Clean microwave, stove, oven, toaster and all other appliances

Day 20: Organize pots and pans

Day 21: Organize plates and bowls, Organize cups, silverware, and Tupperware

Day 22: Organize and clean out pantry

Day 23: Clean out and organize all other cabinet spaces

Day 24:  Restock all cleaning products, cooking products, spices, etc

Day 25: Clean floor again


Laundry Room

Day 26: Clean machines, Clean floor, Clean ceiling

Day 27: Organize and restock products



Day 28: Organize coat closets and linen closets

Day 29: Clean and organize entry way and mudroom

Day 30: Sweep porch, Clean vacuum and restock cleaning products

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