Last week, I took over a laundry room in serious need of some TLC.

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Kessler Organized Designs Laundry Room

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This project was a relatively simple one, though it may not look like it. Laundry rooms, along with kithchens and bathrooms, are easy and difficult at the same time because these are things that you need and use everyday, so you need to be able to access as much as possible as easily as possible, but you usually have a lot more than you need or realize.

So the first step, as with any project, was to clear everything OUT!

Professional Organizer Columbia SC Laundry Room Organization


Once everything was removed, we could get a clearer picture of the space we were working in. The next step was to clean clean clean!

Because this was a Kessler Organized Designs Insta-Project, more was involved than simply reorganizing the things in the room. An insta-project is a sight unseen, no consultation, flat-rate, take-over of the room with up-to-the-minute updates on my Instagram account where I will, while the project is going on, answer any organization and D.I.Y. questions commenters post. For this insta-project we, the homeowner and myself, decided to, in addition to reorganizing the shelves and cleaning the room, remove the popcorn from the ceiling and paint the walls and ceiling. The homeowner chose a lavender color for the walls and an off white color for the ceiling. I am not very tall (5’3″) so my wonderful sweet helper who is 6’5″ gave me a hand with the ceiling. Professional Organizer Columbia SC Kessler


Professional Organizer Popcorn Ceiling Removal


After we removed all the popcorn and repainted the ceiling, we needed to clean again then put everything back! This is always the fun part. We put the shelves and machines back into the room, then the organizing went pretty quickly. Luckily for me the homeowner picked out these great storage bins from Dollar General and some really cute decorative pieces. We condensed bottles that were half empty and trashed supplies that had expired or that were oozing or that hadn’t been used in years.  On the top shelf my homeowner had been storing two large tubs full of holiday stuff and craft supplies. We went through both tubs and condensed all of the crafting supplies into one small tub and condensed the holiday things into a smaller container to be put in the attic. Laundry Room Organization Ideas Kessler Organized Designs


We used three large bins to store cleaning products. The bins on the top shelf hold things the homeowner only uses every now and then, while the bin on the lower shelf holds cleaning products she uses at least twice a week.

Kessler Organized Designs Laundry Room Ideas


The smaller bins on the top shelf hold extra laundry bags and extension cords while the bin on the lower shelf is hiding trash bags and a bleach pen! The homeowner found this very cute and extremely functional lemonade jar at Dollar General to hold laundry detergent and a hanging basket with a hook to store dryer sheets.

Professional Organizer Laundry Room Ideas


When it comes to the laundry room, everything that you can get rid of – get rid of! But for everything else that you must keep, try putting it in something pretty. Cleaning supplies and laundry detergent bottles aren’t nice to look at and even when they are all put away nicely, most items aren’t in pretty packaging so the space may still look unorganized.

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