Pantry Organization

Kitchen Pantry Organization

Jan’s kitchen pantry, cabinets, and under the sink. {01-15}


Under Jan’s kitchen sink and in her pantry, I found items that , in most homes, belong where they were. Especially for a busy family of three! But Jan found herself being frustrated every time she needed something that she didn’t use everyday. I knew my plan of action was definitely going to begin with taking everything out, purging, and condensing. I also knew I needed to sort through things under the sink, in the cabinets, and in the pantry together because there was a lot of overlap i.e. cleaning products overflowing in the pantry and under the sink, vitamins and medicine overflowing in the pantry and in the cabinets.


This project only took about five hours and in that time I shopped for storage materials, condensed and purged items, and put everything back. It was really a quick and painless project.


And the after shots! It doesn’t look super fancy but it is incredibly functional and is a huge step up! I did a lot of purging and condensing. I bought some really inexpensive storage solutions. And I categorized all of the cleaning products, food, medicine, and miscellaneous household stuff. Easy! This project isn’t actually complete though! I found a great idea for boxing in the wire shelves in the pantry, so I approached Jan and we are booked to do it! Boxing in the wire shelves will definitely increase the functionality of the shelves but mostly… it’ll just look a lot prettier!

This project took two days to complete for a total of 5 hours not including shopping time. With a project cost of 40$ (kitchen pantry = 20$ + kitchen cabinets and under sink = 20$) and the additional 4 hours on the job, this project cost Jan 130$  including the cost of materials.

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