Judy’s Master Bedroom


On the first day of this project, the master bedroom was where I decided to focus my attention first. It looked overwhelming because there was just so much stuff! The first thing I did was divide the room into parts so that it would seem less overwhelming. I also cleaned the bed really well so that I could use that as a base for sorting and cleaning out other areas.


The main goal during the course of the project was to make all the large spaces more functional. First, I started with clearing everything off of the floor, cleaning the bed area, and clearing the doorway. With the completion of each larger project within the room, I was able to focus on smaller projects and pay more attention to detail.


There were several things that I wanted to do in this room to help transform it into a sanctuary, however, Judy was very happy with the result of the organizing portion of the project and decided to work on keeping that up for a while. There were a lot of dramatic changes for this room that will, surely, improve Judy and her husband’s quality of sleep, peace, and life in general. Your bedroom should be a cozy, functional place you can go to leave everything unpleasant behind you.

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