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Discuss and schedule.

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Results Day




Consultations give us an opportunity to meet one another to make certain we are a good fit! Currently, I only offer 1 hour in-person consultations. Besides getting to know one another, we will also have an opportunity to look at your space together and come up with a game plan for how we will get the space organized and how you can keep it organized.



Kessler Organized Designs Consultation


Discuss and Schedule

We will, together, discuss a start date and “Results Day”. If we are dealing with a larger space and a garage sale is in order, we can schedule the garage sale during the reorganizing process so that I can help to set up (if you like), break down (if you like), and decide what to do with the left overs.

While there is no expectation or requirement for an extra budget for storage supplies, I strongly suggest not purchasing storage items until after our initial consultation. Before our start date, I will gather any and all usable storage items and cleaning supplies.


Professional Organizer Columbia SC




My process is simple, really: assess, empty, clean, rearrange.

When I arrive in the space on start day, I will immediately begin taking everything out of the area. And I mean everything. Once everything is removed I will clean the space. I do offer some light duty home improvements to spaces, though there may be an additional charge which would be disclosed to you during the consultation. Light duty home improvements include repainting, carpet cleaning, hanging shelves, and assembling furniture. I am equipped to handle larger pieces. If you would like to discuss the renovation of a space and the service needed is not listed, please send me an email to discuss what you are looking for.

After the cleaning and/or renovation is complete, I will put as much as *you need* back into the space.


Professional Home Organizer Columbia SC


Results Day

“Results Day”, depending on the project and your preferences, is either the morning after or the evening after the room is completed. “Results Day” consists of me taking away all of your trash bags and/or donate bags, leaving you with a completely complete space.


Professional Residential Organizer Columbia SC

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